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Breeding farm

After deciding that the Selle Francais breed from France would provide the foundation of our breeding programme, we were fortunate to be able to establish a partnership with Arnaud Evain and Groupe France Elevage (GFE). They have access to some of the very best stallions in Europe, they are the largest private provider of breeding services in France and are leaders in innovation and breeding technology. You can learn more about GFE at

In late 1995, we worked closely with the government - French and New Zealand - and made the first shipment of frozen equine semen from France to New Zealand. Now imported equine semen is widely available, but we
are proud to say that we were the first, and for a while, the only importer.

From starting with 12 New Zealand thoroughbred and local warmblood foundation mares in 1995, to importing five Selle Francais fillies in 2001, we have steadily built up our broodmare herd in to what it is today. We now
have around 35 broodmares of a quality that far exceeds our expectations of twenty years ago.

Every year, we turn the very best 3 year old fillies back into the broodmare herd in order to improve our mare lines, often replacing a horse from the same line with a better bred successor.

Important stallions for us in the 1990’s through to 2000’s were I Love You, Cacao Courcelle, Barbarian, Rox de la Touche. Mr Blue, Fetiche du Pas, Fuego du Prelet, Oberon du Moulin and Cabdulla du Tillard. These stallions have left Grand Prix winners and a core of important broodmares.

Today we use a generation of new stars; Calvaro Z, Orlando, Kannan, Untouchable M, Pezetas du Rouet, Quool du Bois Margot, Jokes Latour, Quintus, Consul de la Vie Z, Non Plus Ultra III and Ideal de la Loge.

We now have some of the most famous Selle Francais, KWPN, BWP, Z, Holsteiner and Oldenberg bloodlines to choose from and believe that the product of these great sires and our own special mares is a world class sport horse.

You can read more on the stallions we use under the ‘Stallions’ link.

We hope you enjoyed reading and learning a bit about our breeding programme. please contact us if you would like to know more.